Getting Started

What do I require to get set up?

A need to improve behaviour in your school and time to work with one of our consultants, to create a totally bespoke behaviour management tool. The starting point will be your behaviour policy.


How long will it take to set up the service?

This largely depends on the complexity of your behaviour policy and processes.


Do I need to install any software in my school?

No, BehaviourWatch is web-based so all you need to have is a web-browser on a computer connected to the Internet.


Do I need any additional equipment?

No, BehaviourWatch makes extensive use of the existing systems in your school, such as your email.


Can I access BehaviourWatch from any computer?

Yes, with your login details, you'll be able to access BehaviourWatch from school, home or even while you're on holiday! (But only if you want to!)


Can I make changes to the system once set-up?

Yes, just give us a call or send us an email and we can talk through your required changes before going live with them.


If I require assistance once set-up who do I contact?

If assistance is required at any time, just send an email or give us a call and one of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.


Do you provide training for all staff at my school?

Yes, it's included in the price. We have two options for training. One is a whole-school training approach and the other is a 'train-the-trainer' approach. It's your choice.


What can I do if a pupil does not show at detention?

With BehaviourWatch you can text and email parents. Email is free and texts cost 4p per message.


What are the benefits of being web-based?

BehaviourWatch can be used from any PC with an internet connection, anywhere in the world as there is no need to install software on individual computers. You'll also always be using the latest version as that's what will be accessed next time you log in.


Can every teacher have their own log on ID?

Yes. Due to the bespoke nature of BehaviourWatch, different teachers or levels of staff can view BehaviourWatch in differing ways, depending on the access levels you choose.


Is the system compatible with our SIMS school registration system?

BehaviourWatch can be configured to be compatible with all MIS systems.


Can staff at BehaviourWatch see our data? If yes, who are they and do they have CRB checks?

All BehaviourWatch staff are CRB checked and will only have access if permission is granted by the school.


When is your downtime for maintenance?

Downtime is very infrequently required. We only use the hours between 11pm-7am, and we try to limit this to weekends only.


What version of Internet Explorer would we need to run?

BehaviourWatch is cross browser compatible. It supports Internet Explorer 11 and upwards as well as Chrome and Safari.


Will BehaviourWatch run on an Apple Mac?

Yes, BehaviourWatch will run on PCs, Mac's and the iPad.


How many sessions of planning would we need to have arranged to have it ready to start?

It depends on an individual school's circumstance. We can deliver a fully bespoke system within a few days. You can have as many planning meetings as you require, but normally it takes 3 planning sessions.


In Behaviour Radar, can we show period against location?

Yes, so a patrolling teacher would know where to look for likely trouble.


If the Head monitors a teacher, would the teacher know about it?

Only if the Head Teacher told them.


After selecting filters for specific reports, can I save these settings for next time?

Yes, any changes you make or preferences you set will be remembered.


Is there a limit to how many reports a user can set up?

No, a user can set up an unlimited amount of reports and we can also build custom reports at the user's request.


I want to export to a Word document - is this possible?

Yes, you can export to Word or Excel. Reports are easy to access and filter to your specific requirements and export. Some reports can also be set up to be sent as an email at a time of your choosing.


As a company, we have contracts with over 10,000 schools providing them with valuable web based services. Who started the company?

A teacher and an I.T director started the company, with input from a Head Teacher of a large school in Sussex. They could see the need for a comprehensive remotely accessible program that will help schools implement their behaviour policies more effectively and with less stress.