BehaviourWatch's Safeguarding report allows teachers to raise any concerns they may have quickly and confidentially, so issues can be resolved immediately with all of the information to hand. 

With BehaviourWatch you can record the positive behaviour of every student using the unique Behaviour Registers. Symbols can also be added so it's easier to recognise what the reward is for. Each time a student is rewarded, points will automatically be added to the system, which can trigger alerts to the parents and produce certificates for the student. 

LA Reports
BehaviourWatch will be set up to create any reports required by your Local Authority automatically, allowing you to quickly and efficiently send them what they need. 

Behaviour & Relationships
Record all incidents and major sanctions in detail. Monitor and evaluate interventions, staff responses, and de-escalation strategies using detailed analysis that will highlight trends any areas of concern. Any changes to record will be electronically audited, ensuring that National Minimum Standards and school policy are consistently applied. 

Provision Mapping
Any extracurricular activities run by the school can recorded and monitored. This will enable you to see when and where students will be attending extracurricular activities and whether they will be onsite or offsite. 

SEN & Individual Education Plans
SEN information and individual Education Plans (IEP) can be stored against a student profile. BehaviourWatch meets the diverse and precise requirements of special schools allowing you to, monitor outcomes, engage students with reward mechanisms and ensure staff are always kept in the loop.  

Learning Aims
With BehaviourWatch you can monitor and record key learning aims and track their progress. The system allows you to make notes against each student and identify whether they have reached the aims set. Reports containing all of this information can also be accessed so changes or improvements can be made.

Staff & Student Profiles
Manage your pupil, family and staff data in one central system, providing quick and easy access.

A Bespoke System
We build each system specifically for each school, to meet your needs, with the ability to add features as you require them. We also import the data for you, creating assessments, timetables anything else you require.  


BehaviourWatch is a tool designed to help all staff positively engage in the implementation and evaluation of your school's behaviour policy.