Benefits for Primary schools

BehaviourWatch will enable you to not only speed up the process of recording incidents but it will allow you to communicate with other staff as the incidents occur. You can also receive a summary of the day's or week's positive and negative incidents at a regular time that can be predetermined by you.

BehaviourWatch can be shaped to reflect your school behaviour policy and ethos. It will enable staff to apply sanctions and rewards in a more consistent way.

Reports will enable you to look at the effectiveness of interventions and whole school strategies. Reports can be accessed on any computer at home or at school. Graphs, heat maps or spreadsheets of data can be automatically compiled and sent to the relevant staff. Each report can be set up to show only the data that is needed.

BehaviourWatch can enhance your school reward system through recording points, student achievement and communicating this with parents and staff through emails, certificates and badges. You'll be amazed how quick it is to use and be impressed with the sophistication of the data you're producing!

"It was nice to have someone who wasn't a flash salesman, but related to our situation and understood it fully because he's been there. We'll have you back anytime you're in the area."

David Duncan, Headteacher / Rossendale School