Benefits for Secondary Schools

BehaviourWatch is all about you and your school. The BehaviourWatch team will work with you to design the system to your requirements and provide ongoing support that will fine tune the system and respond to any changes in school. Whatever your role and responsibilities, BehaviourWatch is a tool designed to help all staff positively engage in the implementation and evaluation of your school's behaviour policy. See how the system can help you in your specific role.


BehaviourWatch is web based allowing staff to log incidents from any internet enabled computer. Any activities off site can also be recorded quickly ensuring students are recognised for their contributions to school life beyond the working day. Information is also readily available at any time of the day for senior managers. Needs to get into the system fast? Download the auto onto your desktop or laptop and you are into BehaviourWatch with one click. 


                   Behaviour Radar
Results are shown on a grid with clear hotspots highlighted. For example, a grid with two axes: one axis could be years and the other subjects with results shown clearly. All hotspots would be colour coded and clear for schools to resolve. These fields can be changed at any point. 


Bullying and Racist Incidents
With the new OFSTED framework there is an increased expectation on safeguarding that has implications for school personnel, leadership and governors. BehaviourWatch will allow a school to design specific tabs for recording bullying and racist incidents in detail according to your school policy. 


Access Levels and Security
The system is password protected and access levels are finely tuned by your school for every staff member only allowing access to areas base on role and responsibilities. Any sensitive information can be posted through the system and then read by individual staff members or SLT only. For example, many schools have created a 'safeguarding' tab, or 'expression of concern' tab allowing staff to post any significant concerns (just like a letterbox) to specific members of staff, confident that the issue will be followed up by the appropriate person. 


Communication & Consistency
Ensure all staff are kept in the loop. Automatic emails are sent to form tutors, head of years, head of departments, and anybody else who may need to be contacted, with names of pupils and incidents recorded against them at the end of the day or at some other set time. This will again enable action to be taken as well as improving consistency and communication. Once actioned the teacher who logged the incident will receive an email to confirm the action, giving you automatic workflow.


Detention Management
Build in your own detentions process. Define when detentions are escalated and automatically reset them if students are absent or truant. Then trigger letters, texts or emails to staff, parents and students to keep everyone in the loop.



Letter Generation
At the click of a button a letter is created with details of the incident and the child's address automatically applied to the letter. No more asking office staff and delaying matters.



Parental Engagement
BehaviourWatch offers a mixture of proactive methods to communicate with parents. For example: set the system to automatically send a text when the student has made a positive contribution in class or to school life, or trigger a certificate which can then be emailed to the parent. Automatic detention alerts by text or email will also keep the parent, student, and form tutor in the loop before and after a detention has been issued. In addition, we will link information to your VLE so that parents can have access at any time via the parent portal.


Low Level Disruption
Record low level distribution by designing your own 'Behaviour Registers'. Behaviour Registers offer staff the opportunity to quickly record low level disruption less by less. BehaviourWatch will then trigger school specific escalations to identify frequent offenders ensuring that action is taken swiftly to nip the problem in the bud. 


Useful Data
There are a wide range of reports in BehaviourWatch which will offer any member of staff the ability to present positive and negative data for every student at the touch of a button. All graphics are printable and incident lists are exportable into Word or Excel, with the additional option to anonymise other student names offering you just what you need for any meetings quickly and easily. Given the new emphasis on Behaviour and Safety in schools, BehaviourWatch will provide you with immediate, up to date, and accurate data.


Points System
Each school can setup a points system to their liking. It is very important we recognise positive behaviours as well as resolving negative! Points can be set to rewards a specific behaviour.


"We have been using BehaviourWatch for only a term, yet the feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff find the system exceptionally easy to use and the support provided is really first class. BehaviourWatch is easy to administrate and provides us with the data we need to implement strategies to improve and reward behaviour."

Richard Potter, Assistant Principle / Sir Harry Smith Community College