Benefits for Special Schools & PRU's

Whatever type of school you work in, BehaviourWatch is full of unique features for special schools that have evolved through continuous dialogue with schools already using the system. Our aim is to shape and adapt BehaviourWatch as it embeds in school, avoiding the frustration of a rigid and inflexible system. The bespoke framework will replicate and centralise any paper based or electronic system that you already use in school ensuring that we are building on your success and hard work. We are confident that the implementation of BehaviourWatch will be an empowering and exciting experience for all staff.

BehaviourWatch offers schools the ability to record the positive contributions made by every student using our unique 'Behaviour Registers'. Every reward can be coupled with a symbol chosen by the school to communicate more effectively with students. For example, the Speech and Language Therapist can develop a unique register that will assist in the recording of individual targets and rewards for any student or group with speech and language difficulties.


Residential Settings & Extended Curriculum
BehaviourWatch is web based providing 24 hour recording from any computer with internet access. Do you need to know about any incident recorded in the residential care during the night? BehaviourWatch will automatically send you a summary of any incident ready for any shift change.


Student Behaviours
Recording systems need to reflect the complexity of student behaviour in your school. Given the huge range of strategies and interventions available to special schools and PRUs you therefore need to know which are successful and under what conditions. By using BehaviourWatch to record incidents quickly, yet in detail, you can use the data to evaluate the effectiveness of your measures. When information is required rapidly BehaviourWatch will also keep you informed of any incidents using automatic email alerts and reports sent to you at a time and frequent of your choice.


Physical Interventions
Whether you use TeamTeach, SCIPr, or any other strategy for crisis intervention and the use of reasonable force, BehaviourWatch offers the ability to record detailed information in an effective and streamlined way. All records are electronically audited ensuring National Minimum Standards and your agreed school approach is consistently applied. Most importantly, powerful reporting offers you the data you need to be proactive in the analysis of calming techniques, preventative steps, and the successful intervention techniques for every student, reducing the risk of harm. 


Automatically escalate both positive and negative incidents according to your own school policy clearly defining further actions and workflow. For example: Automatically trigger a certificate for the 'Student of the Week' or escalate frequent low level disruption to nip problems in the bud. Requests for approval for serious incidents can also be set up to alert the appropriate member for staff.


Is BehaviourWatch Suitable for Pupils with Severe or Profound ASD?
BehaviourWatch offers a school the opportunity to build in the recording of any behaviour type for every individual student. The reporting tool presents every child's data on a daily, weekly, monthly or termly distribution, then filter every report to examine behaviour in more depth. For example, look at the triggers, antecedence, teacher actions, and contributing factors to pinpoint required changes to the learning environment.

"With the introduction of BehaviourWatch into our school we have improved recording, communication and consistency in approach. The BehaviourWatch team make changes to the product to suit the schools needs with any developmental ideas the school has incorporated to their individualised system quickly... a remarkable tool which will benefit any school."

James Sisk, Director of Behaviour Management / Prestwood Campus Special School