John Eady, Deputy Head

Kingswode Hoe Special School

BehaviourWatch have provided staff with up-to-date information for pupils' behaviour which in turn has helped us respond quickly and effectively with any negative trends evidenced on an individual or class basis. I do a lot of one-to-one guidance and I use the evidence in BehaviourWatch to set targets with pupils that they are making efforts to improve their behaviour in class and around school. It has made our response to behaviour problems more professional and informed.

James Sisk, Director of Behaviour Management

Prestwood Campus Special School

With the introduction of BehaviourWatch into our school we have improved recording, communication and consistency in approach. The BehaviourWatch team make changes to the product to suit the schools needs with any developmental ideas the school has incorporated to their individualised system quickly... a remarkable tool which will benefit any school.

Aaron Kay, Deputy Head

Sowerby Bridge High School

BehaviourWatch has been an exceptional tool which has enabled our school to move forward with its implementation of behavioural systems. First and foremost, it keeps everyone informed, from tutors to class teachers and even receptionists who deal with parental enquiries. It has allowed us to monitor behaviour more than ever before and rather than producing meaningless stats, it gives us valuable insight which allows us to act and improve. The team at BehaviourWatch have always been supportive and are constantly striving to improve and tailor their systems which is why I believe we will be using them forever more.

Parent of a child

Wilmington Grammar School

I just wanted to inform you that as a parent, I am delighted to have this weekly update on Mathew's school life. In fact, I now look forward to it. It is always a please to see him gain merits and the reason for them. Whilst he does talk about his school life, I would not know of such achievements through him alone.

Aron Rai

High Grange School

The BehaviourWatch software, and the effective support from the team, has enabled our school to more effectively communicate information across the whole site. Instantaneous and detailed knowledge of incidents assists in the development of strategies to better support and care for our students.

Steve Walton, Deputy Head

The Chauncy School

BehaviourWatch has revolutionised the way we work at Chauncy. The immediacy of incidents appearing on the BehaviourWatch console has meant that we can tackle incidents before they escalate into problems and the reporting of rewards is outstanding. Since September the number of behaviour incidents has reduced in comparison to last year and I am convinced that BehaviourWatch has been at the heart of creating a much calmer and enjoyable term at Chauncy for staff and student alike.

David Duncan, Head teacher

Rossendale School

It was nice to have someone who wasn't a flash salesman but came from our situations and understood it fully because he's been there. We'll have you back anytime and you're in the area.

Kath Briggs, Deputy Head

Sowerby Bridge High School

We have been very pleased with the product and service provided since signing up for the BehaviourWatch tracking system. We can now record and analyse both low level behaviour as well as any more serious incidents. We can analyse what types of behaviour are most common and quickly implement strategies to combat them. We also analyse particular groups of children who have the most frequent incidents and where these incidents take place. 

Ofsted Inspection Report

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy

Most teachers use behaviour consequences well. The BehaviourWatch system helps senior teachers to keep an eye on any trends of poor behaviour in classrooms.

Alison Pinto, Behaviour Manager

Parkfield Community School

As Pastoral Care Leader for the school with a responsibility for supporting, managing and monitoring behaviour we have found BehaviourWatch a really useful tool for analysing trends of behaviour across the school. Whilst we had our own system in place, it is now much easier for all staff including leadership and senior teachers to access information on behaviour relevant to the children they are supporting. At the click of a button, monitoring is made so readily available and time can be spent targeting support to the pupils and staff who need it most. Moreover, the team is readily available for technical support and are very happy to 'tweak' the system to meet the needs of Parkfield Community School.

Richard Potter, Assistant Principle

Sir Harry Smith Community College

We have been using BehaviourWatch for only a term, yet the feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff find the system exceptionally easy to use and the support provided is really first class. BehaviourWatch is easy to administrate and provides us with the data we need to implement strategies to improve and reward behaviour.